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Sand Creek Massacre memorial planned for campus

Portion of winter count depicting Black Kettle at Sand Creek. By Stone Rabbit

The University of Denver has established a working group to explore potential locations on campus for a Sand Creek Massacre memorial. This group, made up of DU faculty, staff, students, alumni and Native community representatives, will provide intellectual and cultural leadership to help determine the memorial’s eventual design. The aim of the memorial is to honor the lives and communities lost and damaged in the brutal attack of 1864 and its aftermath, while also serving as a place for learning and healing.

The Sand Creek Massacre Memorial Working Group will also collaborate to determine the location, content and design for a permanent interior exhibit. This exhibit will provide an account of DU’s history with specific focus on the University’s relationship with the Native American and Indigenous community. 

The University also announced that it has created two new scholarships for Native American students applying to DU, bringing the scholarship total to three. Scholarship recipients are chosen by a committee whose members include Native American and Indigenous community members. Recipients must demonstrate financial need and also a commitment to service and involvement in DU’s Native American community.

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