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Pursuing our goals with hope and determination

Photo by Wayne Armstrong

“How are you doing?” 

I find this question holds surprising new weight. It is our connection to one another—even from our “new normal” 6-foot distance—that keeps us strong. It is our connection, as well, to this institution and all it stands for and strives to realize that is the foundation of our resilience and ability to thrive.

Never have I felt more proud of DU than I have during the past year. It speaks to the depth of our faculty’s expertise and teaching capabilities that they were able to transform their curricula to be taught across modalities—in-person, online or a mix of the two. Our exceptional staff has, again and again, communicated important information, kept our campus clean and beautiful, organized opportunities for safe socialization and so much more. I want to commend our students, as well. To keep the community safe, they are sacrificing parts of the college experience many had anticipated for years. 

We are rising beyond the occasion. Our beautiful Community Commons is officially open. Our three new buildings—the commons, the Burwell Center for Career Achievement and the Dimond Family Residential Village—and the programs within will help DU continue to offer students all they need to realize success. Thank you to the countless individuals who have made this possible. 

This fall, we piloted our 4-Dimensional Experience with 133 first-year students. These students are piecing together various experiences that will expand their life skills in character exploration, well-being commitment, career and calling development, and intellectual growth. Reflection and mentoring will prepare these “4D” students for lives of purpose, careers of fulfillment and service to the public good. 

And there’s more: We are striving to make our campus more welcoming through the implementation of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Action Plan. We are doing the vitally important work of reckoning with our history and how it impacts the Native American and Indigenous community. And, to even better serve society, we are more intentionally reaching outside of campus, building relationships and partnerships with the community and local and state government. 

I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe, and that your present and future feel secure. And while today may be hard, tomorrow holds endless potential. While the past year challenged us, this year, we continue to bound forward together, relentless in the pursuit of our goals. Amid all the change and uncertainty, this remains our unyielding commitment. 

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