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Myhren generosity benefits the student experience

Trygve (Tryg) and Vicki Myhren

For more than 30 years, students and programs across the University of Denver have felt the impact of Trygve (Tryg) and Vicki Myhren’s leadership and philanthropy. Their most recent gift carries forward that legacy, investing $1 million in mission-centered priorities spanning the campus and benefiting students well into
the future.

”The University of Denver is deeply grateful to Tryg and Vicki Myhren,” says Chancellor Jeremy Haefner. “With leadership, generosity and support like the Myrhens’, DU’s students are better able to pursue lives of purpose and meaningful careers; they are better able to become the leaders the world needs.”

Reflecting their commitment to students’ holistic development, a significant portion of the Myhrens’ gift supports DU’s Four-Dimensional Student Experience, which provides for:

  1. advancing intellectual growth
  2. exploring character
  3. promoting well-being; and
  4. pursuing careers and lives of purpose 

“I believe that the 4D Experience will further differentiate DU as an institution that truly prepares its students to meet our challenging new world,” said Tryg Myhren, president of Myhren Media Inc. and chair emeritus and long-time member of DU’s Board of Trustees. “It will require critical thinking and problem solving in the real world as well as in the academy, molding graduates of firm character and confidence.”

The Myhrens’ gift also supports the Vicki Myhren Gallery, DU’s principal visual arts exhibition venue. Established in 2001 in honor of Vicki (BFA ’00), the gallery gives DU students and the Denver community access to vibrant spaces for engagement with art and artists. 

“Our hope has been to establish a gathering place for students, faculty and the community while creating
a ‘destination’ gallery as an important link for collaboration with other arts organizations throughout Colorado,” Vicki says. 

The Myhrens’ generosity is expected to make a meaningful difference in the lives of DU students for years to come, enriching their educational experiences and preparing them for lives and careers of impact. 

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