Focused on the Future

On any given day of the week, Jeremy Haefner, the University of Denver’s 19th chancellor, finds that every nanosecond is double booked.

A Radical Style of Collaboration

If you ask someone what it takes to be a leader, they might tell you it takes natural drive or the ambition...

The State of Happiness

Colorado ranks just 23rd in a nationwide index on happiness. What’s up with that?

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Law students serve Native Americans and their families through Tribal Wills Project

On Native American reservations across the country, wills and the lawyers who help make them are typically regarded with distrust and sometimes...

A 2016 election postmortem

“Stunning” is the word Seth Masket uses to describe Nov. 8, 2016.  As he watched news reports announce Donald...

Denver sports fans have a new team to cheer

For the first time in more than two decades, the University of Denver is adding a new intercollegiate varsity sport. Denver is...

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Expanding perspectives through community conversations

I’m delighted to welcome you to our fall magazine. As we enter another season with the coronavirus pandemic, we attest that this...

Conscientious voters get an assist from DU students

In any given election year, voters often need help getting to know the candidates and the propositions and amendments populating their ballots.

Fresh faces bring diverse experiences to leadership positions

At the start of any school year, the students get all the attention—and with good reason. But this fall, the University of...

DU soars in college rankings

With the September release of U.S. News & World Report’s annual college rankings, the University of Denver posted double-digit gains over last...

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