Grand Challenges, Grander Solutions

DU students, faculty and staff partner with their communities to create meaningful change

Determination, Grace and Optimism

DU installs its 19th chancellor

The Reality of History

Through her art, alumna Gloria Emerson confronts a painful past

Elevating the DU Experience

“The mountains are calling,” the late conservationist John Muir once wrote. “And I must go.”  For University of Denver...

A Passionate Advocate for Outdoor Education

Jim Kennedy arrived in Colorado with a high school diploma and a penchant for adventure. His hometown of Honolulu had beaches and...

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DU students encounter the University’s 4D Experience

From their first day on the University of Denver campus through their last, today’s students stand to benefit from a comprehensive initiative...

At DU’s Sturm College of Law, a new program trains a lens on animal rights

Before Justin Marceau was a professor in the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law, he was...

DU looks to turbocharge its basketball programs

As any college athletics director will tell you, it’s impossible to understate the importance of basketball to universities and their athletics programs....

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A National Science Foundation grant supports equity efforts in STEM

Three years ago, at the invitation of biology professor Anna Sher, women leaders from the University of Denver’s College of Natural Sciences...

Scholarship fund reflects legendary ski coach’s commitment to academic performance

Willy Schaeffler often was called “America’s most successful ski coach.” He coached the University of Denver Pioneer Ski Team to 13 NCAA...

On the DU campus, fall brings a host of firsts and festivities

Although I always want summer to last longer, it doesn’t always oblige. Fall came quickly for me this year. I took some...

Students resume study abroad

Study abroad, a hallmark of a University of Denver education, returned in fall 2021 after a year of pandemic shutdowns.

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