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Bassist Charlie Burrell broke the orchestral color barrier and became a legend in his own time

Three months ago, I was afraid of bees — cold-stone-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach and sawdust-in-your-mouth scared. I had a good reason. As a teenager, I was horribly stung by a swarm of furious yellow jackets whose underground nest I’d stepped in.

So, it was a leap of faith for me to tackle an article about bees for this issue of the magazine. I’m pleased to say that I now welcome contact with bees, plan to construct some wild bee nest areas in my garden and even mustered up the courage to pet a honeybee on its back.

I took another leap recently: working with our extremely talented creative and editorial staff to redesign the University of Denver Magazine, which readers had told us they liked very much as-is. After six years, though, we felt the magazine was becoming a bit dated and could do an even better job of connecting readers to each other and to the University.

You’re holding the result of that leap in your hand — a bigger, and, we think, a better representation of what the University of Denver is all about.

Along with the new and improved magazine, we’ve launched a redesigned magazine Web site. And, to keep you better connected with the campus, we’ve also launched DU Today, an online daily news site where you can find DU headlines as they happen, an events calendar, Pioneers sports scores and more.

We hope you like these changes. Please let us know what you think.

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