Crimson Scholarship offers reduced master’s degrees to 2020 grads

A new scholarship will allow DU undergraduates who graduated in June to attend graduate school at the University at a reduced cost.

The 2020 Crimson Scholarship guarantees a scholarship of at least 33% of tuition costs for new DU graduates who decide to enroll in an eligible master’s degree program at DU for the fall 2020 quarter. Application fees and all standardized testing requirements are being waived as well.

All DU seniors graduating in the spring or summer 2020 terms, as well as recent undergraduate alumni from the fall 2019 or winter 2020 terms, are eligible for the scholarship. It is also available to undergraduate students and recent alumni who have already applied and been admitted to one of many eligible graduate programs that begin this fall.

“Your final year at the University of Denver has brought many challenges,” Chancellor Jeremy Haefner wrote in a letter to DU seniors announcing the scholarship. “Back in September, the job market appeared to be robust. Since then, the landscape has been utterly transformed. You finished your classes online, were separated from friends and missed out on many of our spring traditions. While I know you will thrive and be stronger as a result of this crisis, no doubt you’re wondering what to do next.

“I am very excited about this new scholarship,” he continued. “It is an exceptional opportunity for you to continue to follow your passions, while also building skills and experiences that are needed most in our changing global economy.”

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