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Ritchie steps down from DU Board of Trustees

Daniel Ritchie, chair of the University of Denver Board of Trustees, will step down from his post and from the board effective Jan. 1, 2007. He informed the board of his decision during its fall meeting Saturday.

Ritchie has served as chair since July 1, 2005, when Robert Coombe succeeded him as chancellor.

“As a general principle, I believe it’s best to move on once the transition period is successfully completed,” Ritchie says. “We have reached that point, so now is the right time. The University is in excellent hands with Chancellor Coombe and Provost Gregg Kvistad.”

Joy Burns, vice chair of the board, will return as chair when Ritchie steps down. She served as chair from 1990–2005. The board’s vote on Saturday confirmed her and also elected Ritchie an honorary life trustee.

“I will stay close to DU and continue to be a strong supporter — you can count on it,” Ritchie says.

Chancellor Emeritus Ritchie’s involvement with DU goes back to 1983, when he became a trustee. In 1989 he became the University’s 16th chancellor.

Ritchie will become chairman and chief executive of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts in January 2007. He is president of the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation and is a member of the boards of the Daniels Fund and the Central City Opera Association. Ritchie chairs the education committee of the National Park System Advisory Board.

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