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The May 1970 invasion of Cambodia, followed by the killing of four students at Kent State University in Ohio, set off a chain reaction of protests on college and university campuses across the country. At DU, the construction of a commune dubbed “Woodstock West” followed a strike rally, a march, and other protests on campus. Police tore the structure down three days later, but the spirit of the protest lasted through Commencement in June, where approximately 60% of the senior class either wore armbands with peace insignias or chose not to wear caps and gowns.

Alumni profiles

Curiosity drives author Samantha Seiple

Her recent offering, “Louisa on the Front Lines," is an account of writer Louisa May Alcott’s stint as a Civil War nurse.

Shane Carrick helps the skate life grow

As programming director for the nonprofit Make Life Skate Life, Carrick is part of a worldwide network of skateboarders.

Regional teams bring customized opportunities for connection

They provide numerous opportunities for alumni, friends and prospective students to connect with one another and with DU.

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Research project shows pollution-fighting effects of trees

The project was funded by the Undergraduate Research Center’s summer grant program.

Great reading from the DU community

New titles from Mona Awad, Barry Hughes and Cynthia Kuhn

Our tradition of resilience

DU has survived, and even thrived, through many changes and used them as fuel to pursue even greater goals.

Class notes

Class Notes: Fall 2019

1958 John Manesis (BA ’58) of Fargo, North Dakota, authored a children’s book, “Greenie and the Tree Frog.” 

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