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A time of transition

Top row: Joy Hamilton, Managing Editor; Amy Miller, Director of Creative and Brand Management; Todd Fisher, Production Designer; Heather Hein, Senior Editor; Jeff Lukes, Art Director; Will Colner, Distribution Coordinator; Wayne Armstrong, Photographer

Bottom row: Matt Meyer, Writer; Gretchen Pressley, Director of Communications; Connor Mokrzycki, Writer; Shira Good, Interim Co-Vice Chancellor

This fall represents the 24th year of publication for DU Magazine. Although it’s commonplace to call upon the Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ idea that the only constant in life is change, that wasn’t quite the case for our editorial team these past few decades. While DU has transformed with new buildings, programs and faces, DU Magazine’s managing editor, Tamara Chapman, was a constant at the helm for most of the magazine’s history. With her discerning editorial eye—or, in the words of one staff writer, her “mighty red pen”—and her knack for storytelling, her impact on the magazine and DU Community at large cannot be overstated.  

With Tamara’s well-deserved retirement, it is time for DU Magazine to embrace change. As we welcome new members of our editorial staff amidst an evolving Division of Marketing and Communications, our team is leading a re-design process that will shape the magazine for years to come. 

We are thankful to have partnered with the Consumer Insights & Business Innovation Center at the Daniels School of Business last year to conduct a reader study to determine the magazine’s strengths and opportunities for growth. Using insights from that study as a starting point, we now want to learn more from our readers. That’s why we’re asking you to fill out a brief survey with questions about your favorite type of stories and what you want to see more of in future issues of the magazine. 

As we move into this new phase of the magazine’s legacy, we are grateful for all those who previously contributed to the success of this publication and eager to see where your feedback will lead us going forward. 

Please take a moment to complete our reader survey and share what you love most about DU Magazine. 

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