DU History

A 1967 Clarion article describes Martin Luther King's visit to campus.

Martin Luther King visited DU in 1964 and 1967

Martin Luther King Jr. visited the DU campus twice, first in 1964 and later in 1967. In 1964 he spoke before a crowd of 600 in the old Student Union Building (now the south end of the Driscoll Student Center) in an appearance sponsored by the local Shorter Community AME […]

This photo from the Kynewisbok shows students at Winter Carnival in 1963.

Winter Carnival: Frosty fun for Pioneers since 1961

Winter Carnival is a favorite Pioneers tradition. The first Winter Carnival was held the weekend of Jan. 13, 1961, and was sponsored by the Pioneer Ski Club. Although that weekend included a Friday the 13th, the date was selected because it coincided with NCAA skiing finals competition at the Winter […]

University steps into spotlight at first presidential debate

University steps into spotlight at first presidential debate

The presidential debate at the University of Denver is now in the history books. Here’s a look at how it all went down.

Yearbooks, photos and more archived on new Digital DU site

Yearbooks, photos and more archived on new Digital DU site

There’s a lot of official University history available for perusal at the new Digital DU website: archival photographs, meeting minutes, media guides. But for those who want a more authentic glimpse at what was going on at the University during any given year, the site’s collection of digitized yearbooks is […]

Class of ’52 alum posts videos of campus the way it was

When Fred Hadley (BS engineering ’52) was a senior, he walked around the University of Denver campus with his 16mm camera shooting nearly 38 minutes of black and white footage. About 10 months ago, a friend helped him convert it from film to digital, and they put it on the […]

The Phipps Legacy

The Phipps Legacy

The family that had a hand in everything from the U.S. Senate to the Central City Opera to the Denver Broncos also had a lasting impact on DU.

DU adds new chapter to its black history

For years the University of Denver identified Grace Mabel Andrews as its first African-American graduate. But as is often the case, history may need a little re-writing. Last May, Adjunct Professor Valeria Wenderoth arrived at DU to teach musicology classes for a Lamont School of Music faculty member who had […]

President Lincoln had a hand in DU’s founding

As we celebrate President’s Day on Feb. 21, it is important to remember that without President Abe Lincoln there would be no University of Denver. Although he never set foot in Colorado, Lincoln did set in motion events that led up to the founding of the University. He was a […]

Historian Phil Goodstein uncovers the ghosts of DU

You might not want Phil Goodstein (MA history ’75) to learn too much about your life. He just may find all the skeletons. Goodstein uncovered plenty of bones in his latest book, The Ghosts of University Park, Platt Park and Beyond (New Social Publications, 2010), in which he examines historic […]

Thanksgiving Day marks 50 years since last Pioneers football game

Thanksgiving Day marks 50 years since last Pioneers football game

The DU Bookstore sells a shirt that says, “University of Denver Football — Undefeated Since 1961.” It was 50 years ago this month — on Thanksgiving Day 1960 — that the University of Denver played its last football game. At the time, no one knew it was the last game, […]